The fund supports initiatives in remote regions that have a positive impact on economic development, employment opportunities and improving governance and capacity in communities.

Activities submitted for these grants programs must demonstrate clear outcomes and ongoing benefits for remote Aboriginal Territorians.

2019-20 Remote Aboriginal Governance & Capacity Building Grant Program Now Open

If you are an Aboriginal community controlled organisation or corporation that provides services to remote Aboriginal communities across the Northern Territory, you may be eligible to apply for a Governance and Capacity Building Grant.

The Remote Aboriginal Governance and Capacity Building Grant Program is available to support remote communities across the Northern Territory to strengthen their capacity and capabilities to actively enhance their governance and operational processes, structures and rules to meet their community aspirations.

Funding is available for projects that will benefit remote Aboriginal people by:

  • improving governance
  • building capacity - leadership, skills and expertise
  • improving operational management skills and expertise
  • contributing to community capacity building
  • increasing community input into service delivery.

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Press release Successful applicants 2018/019

Grant recipients 2017/2018

Grant recipients 2018/2019

Governance and capacity building grants program

Organisation Project Description Community RegionAmt
Aputula Aboriginal Corporation To provide the AAC Board with governance training and review of operations through MLCS Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors Aputula Central Australia $19,600
Yuendumu Women’s Centre Aboriginal Corporation Inc Think Big: keeping control of our organisation To support facilitated workshops where Yuendumu women – members, Directors, staff and prospective members – will be assisted to look at all the issues and opportunities with ‘Thinking Big’ and realising goals. Yuendumu Central Australia $20,000
Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation To support multi-day workshops with Directors, members and future leaders to review current strategic plan and consider the future direction of the Aboriginal led and controlled organisation that supports members’ living in over thirty communities and outstations.   Central Australia $34,857
Julalikari Council Aboriginal Corporation To support the development, implementation and empowerment of governance structures and engagement processes targeting the seven town camps and community living areas. Tennant Creek Barkly $50,000
Mungoorbada Aboriginal Corporation (Robinson River) Functional Capacity & Strategic Capability Improvement – Phases 1 To build capability, capacity and commitment to re-engage previously held commercial contracts. Robinson River Big Rivers $40,000
Gurindji Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC Capacity Building for Gurindji Aboriginal Corporation To engage professional services to support the Aboriginal Corporation to continue to build its governance training, upgrade policies to ensure compliance across all its three entities as per relevant legislative guidelines.   Big Rivers $40,000
Ngukurr Arts Aboriginal Corporation Empower, reflect and restructure To strengthen its governance by working with cultural leaders, art centre directors and special projects boards to look at governance systems, reflect on ways to improve current model. Ngukurr Big Rivers $10,000
Wuyagiba Bush Hub Aboriginal Corporation Wuyagiba Store To support the establishment of a shop at the Wuyagiba Outstation which will in turn create jobs, local business aspirations and support the Study Hub. Wuyagiba Outstation Big Rivers $10,000
Gong-Dal Aboriginal Corporation Inter-cultural Engagement Officer (ICEO) To contribute to the engagement of an ICEO to support the capacity development of the corporation to lead and guide local decision making and regional economic development.   East Arnhem $50,000
Baniyala Garrangali Aboriginal Corporation Djalkiripuyngu Executive To support the leaders to establish a regional executive for the homelands network around Blue Mud Bay including working with NLC, CSIRO and BGAC.   East Arnhem $50,000
Milingimbi Art & Culture Aboriginal Corporation Djalkirir Luku ga Rom Rapri-gurru ga Djlkirir-gurru ( standing together with law and respect). To support Director’s staff and members to think critically about how communication, conflict and decision making occur in the art centre and wider community. Milingimbi East Arnhem $8,100
ARDS Cultural Competency Pilot To develop a cultural competency package that all NT Government agencies will utilise to ensure that their staff are aware of the specific cultural competencies required for working in East Arnhem Land.   East Arnhem $14,000
Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation Bawinanga Finance Review To improve the capacity of BAC to accurately monitor and evaluate performance, and to provide timely and reliable reports to BAC Board and other parties, ensuring financial accountability, decision making and leadership grow at all levels of the organisation Maningrida Top End $45,500
Mutchirr Corporation Limited Nganmarriyanga (Palumpa) Governance and Capacity Building - Management of Trust Distributions To support the engagement of a senior consultant to provide governance and capacity building advice to prepare formal documentation to ensure clear, transparent and well understood Trust funding distribution planning, systems and governance processes. Nganmarriyanga (Palumpa) Top End : $18,800
DEMED Aboriginal Corporation To provide a tailored governance program using local content and stories to strengthen the Board of Management and their understand of their roles and responsibilities, while taking ownership of its new strategic plan and links to LDM. Gunbalanya Top End $42, 720