The tools and templates are given to help government and community turn LDM into action on the ground. The templates are designed to be simple, editable and easily printable, even from a remote area and with a black and white printer. They are tools to be used, written on and revisited, rather than glossy brochures to be put on a shelf.

Some tools and templates are for government, some for community and some for both to work together.

The tools and templates are not static, or the ‘only’ way to work. They will be useful for some projects, and other sites or projects may prefer to develop their own. They can be shared between communities, and adapted for use however suits a project best. The suite of templates will grow over time.

Each tool is given as a template, together with its intended purpose, when to use it and some suggestions on how to use it. This is a starting point, and all tools are flexible and should be adapted to suit the process underway.

  1. EOI record template  DOCX (31.3 KB)
  2. Community readiness checklist (self-assessment)  DOCX (34.6 KB)
  3. Government readiness checklist  DOCX (36.4 KB)
  4. Inter-agency collaboration agreement  DOCX (34.4 KB)
  5. Community Plan template and visual model DOCX (310.5 KB)
  6. Community overview DOCX (31.5 KB)
  7. Risk Matrix DOCX (33.3 KB)
  8. Commitment Agreement  DOCX (24.8 KB)
  9. Heads of Agreement or MOU DOCX (28.5 KB)
  10. Memorandum of understanding DOCX (28.8 KB)
  11. Statement of intent - template DOCX (24.2 KB)
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