East Arnhem

  • The Groote Archipelago LDM Agreement between the Northern Territory Government and Anindilyakwa Land Council (ALC) was signed by the Chief Minister on 14 November 2018. Click here (1.9 mb) to view the Agreement.
  • A community led Workshop was held in the East Arnhem Region (Nhulunbuy) on 10-11 September 2018 with all tiers of government, Yolngu and major regional partners to establish an agreed approach to progressing LDM in the Yolngu communities.
  • The Department of Education has a three year plan, and will establish Local Engagement and Decision Making (LEaD) committees in 34 remote community schools in 2019 with a further 20 to be established in 2020.
  • The Department of Health is working with Miwatj to transfer the control of Ramingining and Lake Evella clinics.
  • Regional stakeholders have participated in the trial of a cultural competency workshop which was developed in collaboration with ARDS Aboriginal Corporation. The trial was successful and the Cultural Competency Training package is being finalised. It is envisaged that all NT Government agencies will utilise this training package to ensure that their staff are aware of the specific cultural competencies required for working in East Arnhem Land. This contributes to the success of Local Decision Making in our Region.
  • Baniyala LDM Agreement signed 30 July 2018 which include employment, business and economic development, education and training, community safety, health, infrastructure and housing and culture.